Car and Truck Backup Cameras Systems

Backup cameras are both a safety and a convenience item. With their bumper-level view aft they can help prevent back-over accidents, and they’re also very handy for parking in tight spaces.

Every year, thousands of children are hurt or killed because a driver backing up didn’t see them. The safety advocacy group Kids and cars calculates that two children are killed and 48 are seriously injured this way every week in the United States. Most back-over incidents take place in residential driveways or parking lots and about three-quarters of the time it is a parent or close relative who’s behind the wheel.

The main reason that back-over accidents are so frequent is that every vehicle has a rear blind zone—the area you can’t see from the driver’s seat. And that zone to the rear is bigger than you might think, ranging from about 25 feet for a minivan to 50 feet for some pickup trucks–plenty of space for an unwary child to be in harm’s way.