Blind Spot Detection Systems

The aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System can use the latest Microwave radar technology or Doppler sensors. The system continuously monitors the driver’s blind spots for nearby vehicles and provide a warning of potential dangers.

It is easy for a driver to fail to spot a vehicle approaching from behind in the overtaking lane or a vehicle situated in the blind spot next to your car, particularly in heavy traffic on multi-lane freeways.

This is where the new developed aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System can take much of the strain off the driver and avoid hazardous situations by monitoring the area that is hard to see.

Activation of the BSD can be made when the vehicle speed exceeds 30 km/h.

The system will provide a two-stage warning to the driver. When detects a vehicle in one of the blind zones, it lights up LED’s mounted in to the A-pillar cover. Also, audible warning chirps if you start changing lanes into the path of a vehicle or some other obstruction alongside.

An aftermarket Blind Spot Detection System can be installed in almost any vehicle. Microwave systems can not be installed in vehicles with metal bumpers.