January 3, 2018

Camera Rear View Mirror

A clear view of everything behind you.

The latest addition to our product line, this new camera rear view mirror replaces the standard reflection with a wide angle, high-definition image from a wide dynamic range camera installed at the back of the car. Now you can have a clear view of everything behind you with no obstruction from your headrests or the rear windshield frame and no interference from tall rear passengers.

Camera Rear View Mirror


  • 8.5 inches full HD profiled glass screen
  • Friendly user design touchscreen interface
  • Switch between standard mirror view and high-definition display.



  • Front and Rear HD camera & DVR.
  • Auto-switch to the rear camera for reverse parking vision.
  • Car manufacturer verified microchip.
  • 1080p night vision front camera lenses, excellent imaging effect for day and night.
  • 80 degree 720p WDR rear camera exclusively for high/low light conditions.
  • Three times vision range than factory rear-view mirror.



Camera Rear View Mirror
Camera Rear View Mirror


  • Front and Rear HD DVR recording at the same time
  • Auto/manual save to protect accident videos
  • Vertically adjustable view for rear camera display for specific installation angle.
  • Picture recording with real-time GPS status, coordinate and travel speed.
  • Integrated compass.

Manual Day/Night Lever

Reduce the intensity of reflected light from the headlights of vehicles behind by operating the lever to the anti-glare position.

Camera Rear View Mirror
Camera Rear View Mirror

3 times vision range than factory rear view mirror

This camera rear view mirror with an 80 degrees 720p WDR rear camera, exclusively developed for high/low light environments, waterproof, with dust prevention and anti-fogging coating will give you three times the vision range than factory rear view mirror.