July 22, 2017

Front Parking Sensor

Toppking® Front Parking Sensor system uses sensors to detect the presence of objects like cars, people and other obstacles located in the front blind spots, and that information can be presented to the driver in audible and visual alerts, to help drivers avoid accidents.

Front blind spot can be caused by the A-pillars, a high and long hood, and other objects. These blind spots are relatively small close to the vehicle, but they cover a large area further away. At even moderate distances, a blind spot caused by an A-pillar can obscure large objects such as cars and people.



FS01 UNIVERSAL in-driving front detection BSD kit

FS02 CAN-BUS / OBD in-driving front detection BSD kit

FS03 CAN-BUS / OBD in-driving front detection BSD kit W/ Camera

FS04 GPS in-driving front detection BSD kit

* Easy installation

OBD plug-in T-harness (FS02 & FS03)

Simple GPS antenna only for preset speed activation (FS04)

* Working

Combined warning reinforcement in audible and visual

Direct vision of front scene when driving, with camera model

Active at speeds less 12MPH from OBD or GPS communication

Compatible working in backing up mode

No foot brake activation to extend sensor life

* Digital Sensor (2 or 4 sensors available)

Detection range from 0.4M to 1.5M

Beep alert starts from 0.7M

Green design for 3 seconds noise disturbance termination

Detection angle: Horizontal/120° Vertical/90°

Working temperature: -40°C to +85°C